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Samyang Sutah chewy hot ramen  with a delicious spicy, garlicky chili oil. So tasty, easy to make and great for a quick dinner or lunch. My 10-minute garlic chili oil noodles come together so quickly you’ll be laughing! These garlic oil noodles are also vegan.

I love ramen so much. It’s one of those foods that I could eat every single week if I could. I love the instant kind and I love the fresh kind too but there is something so nostalgic about the instant kind. It truly brings me back to my childhood when you were craving something quick, warm and savoury to eat.

So, I thought why not create a tasty quick garlic chili oil ramen hack or recipe. Everyone seems to enjoy ramen so much because it’s quick to cook and it’s easy to make it fancy. I love these easy chili garlic oil noodles because it takes any simple recipe and elevates it to the next level.


This garlic chili oil ramen recipe is so easy to make at home! You are just boiling the noodles for 2 minutes. Keeping some of that hot ramen water for later. Transferring the noodles to a heat proof bowl. Next top it off with your seasoning ingredients with the smoking hot oil as the last ingredient. Then feel free to garnish with more green onions and sesame oil and enjoy! Super easy and fast.

To be clear we are not making our own Chinese chili garlic oil recipe for this garlic chili oil noodles recipe. The chili oil will be made in the same bowl that you have your ramen in, and the smoking hot oil will cook your chili flakes.



Below are tips on making sutah with chili garlic oil ramen:

  • Use Samyang Sutah chewy or Samyang original hot ramen for this spicy garlic chili oil noodles!
  • Use fresh ingredients especially for your aromatics.
  • To make this garlic chili oil noodle recipe easier, buy minced garlic that is sold without additives or preservatives. It is usually sold at Korean grocers.
  • Add your smoking hot oil at the very end so that it covers all your aromatics and ingredients.
  • Quickly mix everything together adding in the leftover ramen water to help loosen the noodles again.
  • Garnish with more green onions as you wish
  • If you want to make this garlic chilli oil noodles recipe super flavour, add ¼ tsp of chicken powder, it adds a savoury taste to the noodles.