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Instant Noodles: Samyang Stir Fry 

Hi everyone. So for today, we will use Samyang's original hot spicy chicken ramen.
Samyang's original hot spicy chicken ramen is made by Samyang foods, South Korea; Samyang foods has been a trendy food brand since1961. Samyang foods use premium ingredients to produce high-quality foods. Their top-rated product is this one; the Samyang hot original chicken flavor stir-fried ramen. It became well known in UAE & Southeast Asia, becoming the leading essential food brand. So it is incredibly spicy chicken flavor Ramen; you're going to see that here


These are known as Fire noodles. It is one of the spiciest noodles in the Korean market. So even if it's Ramen flavored, it is prepared or stir-fried. So as you can see, there's the name Buldak. Buldak means a heavily spiced Korean dish of barbecue chicken. So Bul means fire, and Dak means chicken, so we're going to open this one in a moment. We're going to check first the packaging, so the whole pack of this one It is a pack of five with 140 grams each And at the back, you'll see the nutrition facts which is one serving of 1 (140grams) pack  equal to 530 calories. As well you can find the cooking directions here and the complete ingredients. You can also check its food allergies and its expiry date. It's 100% HALAL, and it is made in Korea. Okay, so as we did some analysi sof the packing let's go ahead and open the packing. So what's inside, we have Samyang premium ramen noodles, which can be suitable for one serve. As well we also have a small pack of Hot spicy sauce and another small pack of special seasoning  which will add the secret flavor to the Ramen and make it delicious to enjoy, for the instruction, it's straightforward; you can find it here on this corner. So first, you have to boil the ramen for three minutes, then drain them, and then you can add the seasoning and your desired toppings. So for today, we're going to add some vegetables. We have carrot strips, red and green bell pepper strips, and we will saute them with white onions. And of course, we're going to top it with some bacon bits and some boiled eggs.
So we're using a pot here with water; we're going to boil it first. Just wait a bit, and boil the water and then add the Ramen. So the water is 600ml; we're going to simmer it for five minutes. Hi, so I'm using a fork just to spread out the Ramen so that they will be evenly cooked. So we're boiling it for five minutes already, we are going to remove it from heat, and drain the water. So we have to just keep 2 spoon of water and drain the rest.
So here are the cooked noodles with a 2 spoon of water. Now, we're going to add the seasonings. First, we will add the soup packet; Open it carefully and Make sure that it will not spill. Ensure add all the sauces; as we don't want to waste any flavor. Let's just fry it for 30 seconds and using a fork to stir well it ,  And now, we're going to add our Roasted Sesame and Laver, and we're going to mix it once again.
So here are our stir-fried noodles, so we're going to prepare their toppings. So first, we're going to heat our pan to add the toppings. Vegetables, bacon, with onions, and we are going to top it with boiled eggs. Once the pan is hot, you can add a little oil. Swirl the pan to spread the oil; let's wait for it to get hot. So once it's hot, we will add the bacon first. Now let's stir-fry the bacon. So this one has sweetened bacon; you can also use other kinds of bacon.

And you can also use other meats, maybe chicken, ground beef, as you like, And if you don't want roots, you can have them with shrimps, fish, and fillings, which will be healthy. Or even, for vegetarians and vegans, you can add it with Suku. So Let's allow this to cook first until it's brown and crispy. Our bacon is almost cooked. If you want it to be more crispy, you can cook it longer. Now we're going to add the onions. By the way, I used four slices of bacon. So let's add the onions. Let's mix the bacon with our onions. Saute it until it's translucent.

Or, if you want it crispy, you can cook it for 30 seconds. Now, let's add our vegetables, carrots, green and red peppers stir-fry it If you want crispy vegetables, you can cook them for one or two minutes more. Let's make sure that it is well combined with the onions and bacon. So for the onions, I just used half of a small white onion, and for the carrot, it's just half of the small one. And for the red and green bell pepper, it's two pieces each. So let's allow it to cook.

So once the vegetables are tender, we can now add our cooked Samyang hot original chicken flavor stir-fried ramen. So once we pour our cooked noodles, we're going to mix them with the vegetables. So right now, I'm using a tong to distribute the vegetables to the noodles evenly. You can also use the toppings as just toppings and not mix them with the noodles. But If you want it to be a simple stir-fry, I suggest that you combine it with your stir-fry vegetables and meat. So we don't want to overcook the noodles; this one is good. We're just going to do the plating and add our Seasoned Seaweed, So here's our finished product. As you can see, this serving is good for one to two serves already, and we just used one pack of the stir-fried noodles. So here's our Samyang original Hot Chicken Stir-Fried Noodles. You can get premium ramen and food ingredients on our store visit, our selection is constantly growing. And if you have any suggestions, please get in touch with us
Enjoy your meal 😋.
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