Yopokki wasabi flavor snack 12 pieces -1 Box

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Yopokki wasabi snack 12 pieces- 1 Box

yoppoki snack 1 box = 50g  x 12 pieces

All yopokki snacks are halal as per the sharia law. You can use these Topokki as an evening snack and instantly curb the hunger pangs.

Nutrient component

Per100PortionType Nutritional  Per 100g
Energyinkcal 555.4kcal
EnergyinkJ 2332kJ
Carbohydrates 60.4g
Sugar 16.7g
Protein 4.8g
Fat 32.7g
Fiber 0g
Salt 0.37g

Packaging and Storage :

Room temperature 

Shelf Life:

12 months 

Food safety warning :

Consume immediately as leftover food may cause harmful organisms.

Storage recommendation :

Store at room temperature (Not in the freezer or refrigerator)


Young Poong 

Product Origin 

South Korea 

Brand Message

Youngpoong Co., Ltd. maintains the true and heartful value of taste with fresh ingredients and sincerity to meet our consumers' needs, not using colorings, preservatives, and chemical flavorings. We are stringently committed to a sincere and healthy product for the body rather than selling one more. We believe that eating life is the primaries of all happiness that we value and enjoy. Yungpoong has been striving for twenty years to develop the food culture and listen to the customers with honesty. We will deliver the authenticity and sincerity of Korean food to the world.