OASIS PREMIUM FOOD & BEVERAGES TRADING L.L.C  is a dubai based private company incorporate in 2019 .we are a  Distributor of Samyang products as will other top brands like yopokki ( Rice cake ) Chopa chops Sparkling soda, OKF, instant noodles,  vitamin drinks, etc, because of its affordable, quality assurance, and integrity, in the United Arab Emirates More than 300,000 Emirati and residents, foreign businessmen enjoy a high reputation. At present, the company's business is booming, with sales of more than 10 million DHS. By the company to enter the UAE accounted for a local Korean food market for a large proportion of premium brands of instant noodles, Seaweed, etc.

The company's future goal is to collaborate with more Korean food and beverages manufacturers to launch new brands and provide distribution services in the UAE local market as well as in other gulf countries. 

Our mission:-
Our mission is to give our customers satisfaction in all the services we can offer. To meet this aim, the company obtains complete customer specifications and job requirements at the time of quotation, before the commencement of the contract and/ or work. We are also prepared to foster and participate in these practices on behalf of liaison companies. The challenge is not to be stuck with words, but to proceed unto decisive responsible action, and go beyond our boundaries to accomplish our Vision.
Our Vision:-
Our goal is to be one of the leading business companies in the world is lined with the nature of our business. To give Quality Management Program that puts our team to be experts to provide service satisfaction. Our success is mainly due to the dedication of a highly skillful team, wherein our main asset. We value their contribution and will always continue to invest in developing the skills of our team. Since established, our company is doing its level best to implement our major goals, which are: • Promoting and marketing quality goods, by dealing with international and well-reputed companies. • Maintaining reasonable and fixed prices. • Implementing the “Added Value” policy by performing after-sales service to our customers. To build a strong Brand Equity, with emphasis on consistently providing the Best Quality products with the Highest Standards of Safety and Purity at very Competitive Pricing. To be able to understand the consumer's needs and extend Service that is Efficient and Flexible, thereby acquiring a dominant status in the market. To be at the forefront of Technology Acquisition and Manpower Development to keep up with market change.
Email: Info@Seouloasis.com
Call or WhatsApp: +971 55 8138 385